Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Pictures

Finally put some of Caelan's photos in frames today.  Went to hang them up and discovered that there are no hanging apparatus on these particular frames...   So now I just have stacks of framed photos on my table.  Not enough surfaces to place them all, so I think I'll be purchasing some museum putty or something to that effect. 

If you are looking to get photos taken of your little one or family, I highly recommend Deb Rumpza Photography.  (Email me for contact info.)  The day of the shoot, Caelan was extra contrary.  She didn't want to wear the outfits I brought, she didn't want to smile, she didn't want to hold the green parasol, she didn't want me to do her hair, and on and on.  Deb managed to capture every bit of attitude and nuanced expression; her photos are a perfect snapshot of Caelan, and she got her to smile!  I cannot wait to have her do some family portraits.  These are a few of my favorites, but it is hard to choose, they all are amazing!

More tomorrow :)

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