Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stupidly Brave

I don't mean the "jump off a roof because I think I can fly" kind of stupid bravery, or the "charge into battle ahead of everyone" kind of brave stupidity. I'm talking about being stupidly brave in my love for others.  

I read a blog by Chad Estes.  His posts are always insightful, thought-provoking, and often brutally honest.  The latest post I read is about his friend Tim Kurek and Tim's fight against his own prejudice.  After Tim's beliefs about homosexuality were challenged, he felt God lead him to a radical, life-changing declaration.  While I don't know if I agree with his methodology, I challenge you to read his story and not walk away incited to more fully love the people around you.

Lately I have found myself in some increasingly difficult, (situations? places? relationships? can I just say life?), where it would be ever so easy to let my sarcasm take over to deflect the icky parts.  The people it would be easier to not deal with, the situations with no clear path, the decisions with no real "right" answer, the conversations with no happy ending. 

Reading Tim's story has reminded me that God only calls me to say "yes" to Him.  To care for the people I would rather not deal with, to follow the path that benefits the most people, to make the decisions that protect others, to carefully consider the conversations.

To open my heart and be stupidly brave in my love for others.

~ Liz

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