Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A bit of randomness

Ingrid Michaelsson is an incredible performer! My best friend and I went to her concert on Monday, and had an amazing time :) She truly knows how to flow with and connect with her crowd, taking a few requests, involving people in announcing the next song, having a bit of a sing-along; it was great! She has such a beautiful voice, you should go listen to her:

I swear my cell phone bill keeps getting higher and higher even though we haven't added any services or gone over our minutes at all. Joys of an economic downturn...

My first show was a small success. The show itself was not something I will ever do again, as it was poorly organized, even more poorly advertised and although full of wonderfully nice people, I don't think more than 60 people walked through the booths who were not also selling a product at the fair. Hardly worth the time and effort, although I did make a few sales and made a few new connections. Hopefully the next one will be a better use of my time.


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