Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's really fall now...

The weather finally cooperated here in Washington, and we had a beautiful fall day! It was that perfect moment, when all of the deciduous trees are incredible colors, but haven't quite begun to drop their leaves, the sun is bright, there is a crisp breeze and it's just cold enough to require a sweater. In honor of the "beginning" of fall, here is a fall layout! If you want the kit to create this layout, it's $5 and includes everything to make this layout plus 2 A7 cards.

We took my 9month old out trick-or-treating on Main St. in one of the local towns for less than an hour, but it only took her 12 minutes to polish off a blue raspberry dumdum :) Had to fight her for the stick when it was all gone! She was going to be a hippo, but I never got around to ordering the costume since we thought her Johnny was going to be working, so instead she wore her Seahawks cheerleader outfit complete with pompoms. Not that her adorable "cheerleading" has helped at all this season... What a dismal showing by our hawks. But hey, there's always next year, right? Of course, Johnny keeps tell me that they could make a comeback if they win such and such game and so and so doesn't get injured again, etc. Personally, I think it is hopeless, we need to chalk it up to experience and try again next season :) Here she is working on slobbering that sucker to death:

And hey, way to go Obama... Did anyone else think that Mr. Jackson might not have been crying just tears of happiness? Maybe a little jealousy.... He did try it himself, twice :) Just a little tongue-in-cheek! Now we have four years to see if any of the "change" he promised comes to bear. He has a lot of promises to live up to, and I for one, hope he can manage it. I did have to chuckle though, the networks were scrambling for anything to fill in the several hours they still had reserved for watching and waiting for polls when McCain conceeded the victory. Not in my memory has the president elect been declared before the midwest is counted! :) Have to love it.

Night all!


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