Friday, September 9, 2011

The Nanny Nightmare

How in the world is a middle-income family supposed to pay for childcare?  No matter how I arrange the numbers, it always comes down to either eating, or paying for daycare.  We make "too much" money to qualify for state-funded daycare or assistance programs, and the cheap daycare centers are scary!

So far we've resorted to juggling family members and the occasional unlicensed nanny, but that juggling act causes no end of stress.  And now that both Johnny and I's schedules have changed, the availability of the sitters we did have doesn't match our current needs.

I'd love to do some sort of childcare exchange, but I work so many hours it's hardly plausible, I feel awful always asking a friend to watch Caelan for free, and I feel even worse about the pitiful amount of money I'm able to offer even an occasional babysitter.

Waking up every night from the same nanny nightmare is no fun at all.

Until I find a solution....


PS ~ Christina McGee!  Get your rear in gear and move back to Washington!

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Unknown said...

Aww! I saw the title of your post and I instantly thought. "I wish I was there to help."