Friday, October 31, 2008


Lately 100% of the cardstock I've been using in my projects has been recycled, and I'm going to stick with that. It's definitely more expensive, especially because I buy the kind not treated with optical brighteners and other chemicals that can harm the ecosystem, but I think my customers will absorb that small price increase in order to be more eco-friendly. I've always loved repurposing items from one project to the next, creating my own embellishments out of leftovers from a prior project, and am now starting to upcycle, using chipboard and such from old furniture, using the wire from old electronics to embellish, etc. My goal is for all of my supplies to be 100% earth-friendly within the next year.

My nine month old daughter, oddly enough, inspired me to start looking further outside of my supply box to find project pieces. I've been watching her over the last few months, enjoying by proxy the fun she has with a wooden spoon, the lid to my coffee cup, the laundry basket, and old cardboard boxes. If these things can be come treasured (if only for a moment) toys, why not treasured parts of my scrapbooks?


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