Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well good grief! It's taking my poor little Mac fourteen years to upload photos of my latest work onto Picasa... This is probably due to the rather unreliable satellite internet I'm resigned to use out here in Hicktown USA. Granted, I am undeniably grateful for the satellite internet, as for years we've only had access to AOL. Bleh. I had given up ever using the internet from the house until the satellite came along. Here are a few pictures of my latest projects:

A bright and cheery summertime layout with a pull tag, raised elements, coaster tags, and a slide in frame.

This one is a fall-ish layout, I love the little bird, and creams and browns are my favorites right now.

This "Greatest Mom" chipboard frame turned out so beautifully! The color in this photo is a little off though, the greens are more grassy.

The three lunch bag scrapbooks I made yesterday. I love how much color you can pack into them and they are the perfect size for a brag book!

I've been working nonstop for the last week or so, attempting to build up my inventory. I have a few craft shows/bazaars coming up this season, and I'm trying to get enough put together to have a decent looking display :) Since most of the work I do is custom, I don't often have many "take and go" type projects so I'm concentrating on that. I will also have some of my custom work on display, hopefully to generate more interest/sales there.

Now if I can just get my Etsy store to take off.... I'm working out a swap to get some graphic design pieces done, I'd rather pay/trade someone who already has the programs available, than have to buy a design program or go borrow a computer that has one available to do it myself. It's been so long since I've tried to use a design program, it would take me more hours than it was worth :) So hopefully this trade works out and I get some great branding for my business :)

Order a custom Christmas photo card set from me, get a $10 gift certificate for use in my shop!


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